It gives me great pleasure to commit to writing the benefits of the Service Star Program, and in particular the benefits to Peter Rowland Catering through our involvement.We have been involved in this program since its inception, when we formed part of the steering committee. The program has concentrated on integrating people into the workforce within the hospitality industry in Melbourne.

Our involvement with the Service Stars Program and the local African Community has enabled us to offer local employment to a group of very enthusiastic and committed trainees. The graduates from this program are exceptionally loyal and hard working group of people who are extremely grateful for being given the opportunity to work! The graduates are a credit to the work, compassion and training extended to them by this program and the organisations involved.

Peter Rowland Catering will continue to be involved with this and other industry related training and development programs. Our continued involvement will not only assist us in meeting our recruitment needs, but will assist members of the community develop and integrate into the workforce, enabling them to earn income and feel pride associated with playing a valuable role in the greater community.

I would be more than happy to speak to anyone looking to be involved in this program or seeking further feedback.

Yours Sincerely

Joel Dovile


Group Staffing Manager

ABN 83 006 269 138

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