Tha Ku Ta Pu

My name is Tha Ku Ta Pu, and I have been in Australia for four years. My parents are from Burma, but I was born in Thailand in a refugee camp. After I had been living in Australia for three years, the first job I got was casual work at the MCG. I got into the job because of the support from Service Stars. Getting a job in Australia is challenging for me because the English language is not my first language. The environment is also different from where I came from. In fact, to be able to work in Australia, I have to be able to speak, communicate and perform well in a job. Therefore, Service Stars trained me to be able to work and get into a job. First, I got the connection with Service Stars from my friend when I was in the study course for Aged Care in 2013. Service Stars means for me that it supports a person to build up strong skills suitable for getting a job. I had two weeks in training with Service Stars. After I finished my training, I got a job directly at the MCG serving food and beverage. So I am happy and thanks Jane Farrell who is the Director of Service Stars. Now I can study and do a casual work; therefore, Service Stars has been helpful for me to be able to get a job.

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