Jane is the Director and Founder of Service Stars – Community Jobs Alliance, having initiated the programme through a trial in 2007/2008.

During her time as a union leader, Jane was instrumental in developing and implementing the union’s involvement in socially inclusive practices for new and emerging communities.

Working with diverse organisations such as Victoria Police, employers, local councils, resident associations, church groups, refugee and migrant women’s groups (both peak bodies and community based), Jane developed the training and employment programme which places new migrants in decent work with partner employers.

Service Stars became independent of the union in 2010 and is now an effective and successful model that attracts widespread interest.

“I believe in strong partnership rather than competition. Service Stars is supported for our unique approach to improving the lives of new migrants. Employment obviously builds skills and when matched with support from other organisations including English language, our newest migrants have confidence to build an independent future “


Passion, commitment, honesty and hope – these are qualities that Jane Farrell continues to display.