In 2008 the union, United Voice, brought together employers, Victoria Police and church and community organisations to plan a programme for employment opportunities for new migrants.  This arose out of community work the Union initiated to assist migrant communities to build a voice for their issues.  It was also requested by community leaders who wanted to see real pathways to work.

The steering committee developed a training programme that delivered basic industry skills and job ready knowledge before the employment with the employer partner started.

Seven Sudanese women started the initial group and the feedback from all participating was so positive that the initiative was given resources to develop and deliver to an increasing number of migrants.

In 2010 Service Stars became independent of the union, but has continued to develop the original purpose of working in partnership with employers and other organisations to help migrants find their first job.

This positive start to working builds confidence in participants and this, matched with practical information, gives each person the right tools to make their own decisions, manage their own employment pathway and contribute to the wider community.

Service Stars gives participants the visibility and value they deserve in our community.