Service Stars works with migrant communities to assist in finding work for those who have recently arrived in Melbourne.

Often organisations will refer individuals, but you can come direct to Service Stars.

All you need to do is contact Service Stars and make a time to talk.

Service Stars will arrange an interview and talk about the jobs and steps that might be suitable for you.

Sometimes you may not be ready or able to take on full time employment.

The  jobs may be casual or part time, allowing you to continue with study, including vocational or English, or looking after your family while building a real resume and workplace skills that are completely transferable.

Service Stars will work with you and our partner employers to find the best job match.

Training is provided and will include basic industry and job ready skills, for example actual job tasks, occupational health and safety, and workplace communication, just to name a few.

All participants will receive support, ┬ávery practical information and ongoing mentoring on what you need to know to get a job – and what you need to know so that you can keep a job.

This way you will have the skills to make your own decisions and to build a great life for yourself and your family.


Just call us now!