• Mark Olive, Apajok Abit and Ardelsham Badawi

    Mark Olive

    Both Ardelsham and Apajok were very reliable - they know what they are doing and showed real initiative in the kitchen. They both like to work in hospitality and I really enjoyed working with them.
    They came trained and ready for work, focused and just needed to be shown around the kitchen to get them started. They were both lovely women,...
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    Ashe Molle

    Service Stars gives you a sense of direction and you are able to use the skills you’ve learned with Service Stars and use it as a building block to further your employment opportunities. After completing the short course with Service Stars I worked at Melbourne Cup at a job Jane got for me.  Using the skills I have been able...
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    Tha Ku Ta Pu

    My name is Tha Ku Ta Pu, and I have been in Australia for four years. My parents are from Burma, but I was born in Thailand in a refugee camp. After I had been living in Australia for three years, the first job I got was casual work at the MCG. I got into the job because...
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    Graduate successfully from Service Stars and you’ll get work. Service Stars is no ordinary course. Yes, it conducts really practical, well planned and comprehensive work readiness courses in hospitality and other industries. But on top of that it engages with major employers in industry to ensure all graduates have a job on completion. Jane (Director) has a history of working...
  • ServiceStarsGrad7_July10

    Nyankiir Deng

    I came to Service Stars in 2010 because I was looking for work.  I wanted to get work so I could be busy and get paid. Service Stars gave me some training and I got the job with Spotless Catering at the MCG.  I made and sold food to the footy customers.  I also work at Peter Rowland Catering...
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    It gives me great pleasure to commit to writing the benefits of the Service Star Program, and in particular the benefits to Peter Rowland Catering through our involvement.We have been involved in this program since its inception, when we formed part of the steering committee. The program has concentrated on integrating people into the workforce within...